KöR Teeth Whitening - A Modern Teeth Whitening Solution

The KöR Deep Whitening System is one of the latest and most results-based whitening system on the market. This unique whitening system combines chairside treatments with at-home whitening for results that can have your teeth as much as 16 shades whiter - with minimal sensitivity.

The science behind the KöR system is innovative, well-fitting trays designed for maximum impact of the whitening gel. The gel itself is refrigerated immediately after manufacturing, which helps to keep the bleaching components especially stable. When the gel is applied to your teeth, its whitening activity continues to whiten teeth for six to ten hours - that's significantly longer than the typical 25 to 35 minutes the average whitening gel offers.

The entire KöR system involves creating customized whitening trays at our Encinitas office, two chairside whitening sessions, and take-home trays that you'll wear at night for two weeks. The long-lasting results are incredibly white teeth. KöR is known to even break down tough stains that most whitening systems can't including tetracycline-related teeth staining. Call us for more information!

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