Liplase is also a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment. It is performed from inside and outside of the lips on the vermillion border.  We can direct the formation of a Cupid's Bow with your own collagen while enhancing the overall shape and form of your lips, only this time.........Naturally!

There are no painful lip injections, no foreign materials, and no downtime.  You are good to go, immediately after your treatment session.  Go to work or just enjoy your day.  

As the lips are full of sensory nerves, we do advise dental block anesthesia for your comfort during treatment.  

What happens during treatment? 

For Liplase there are 3 treatments of approximately 20 minutes.  Sessions are 3 weeks apart to allow your collagen to develop.  The laser energy will be applied across the inside of the lip border, then the outside, dry part of the vermillion border.  Post-treatment, the outer, dry part of the lips will go through 3 phases:

1. inflammation/slight swelling (actually looks like good enhancement) for the first 24 hours

2. Surface peeling the second to third day

3. New collagen filling up the lips on days 1 to 30

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