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About Our Encinitas Cosmetic Dentistry - Cosmetic Dentist in Encinitas

From imperfections in the teeth and gums to the skin around the face, cosmetic dentistry can truly give you something to smile about - even if you've never smiled confidently before. Our boutique cosmetic dentistry practice in Encinitas offers some very unique services that extend beyond those offered at a general or traditional cosmetic dentist's office.

Cosmetic Dental Concerns

Throughout his practice, Dr. Sibaja has heard many of the dental concerns and anxieties his Encinitas patients have about their smiles. As a result, he offers cosmetic dentistry services that can address the following dental concerns:
• Cracked teeth
• Dark-appearing triangles around the teeth
• Gaps or spaces between the teeth
• "Gummy" smiles, where the teeth may appear small compared to the gums
• Stained teeth
• Uneven teeth

In addition to correcting areas of the teeth, Dr. Sibaja also offers services to smooth and perfect the skin around the mouth. This can have a rejuvenating effect for a patient, helping him or her to look many years younger thanks to a more even smile and improved skin.

Services Offered

Personalized service is very important when it comes to cosmetic dentistry options. Dr. Sibaja doesn't use a one-size-fits-all approach for his patients looking for a cosmetic dentist in Encinitas. He listens to his patient's dental concerns and makes suggestions of services that could address the problem.

For gummy smiles, Dr. Sibaja utilizes soft tissue dental lasers that can reduce the visible gum tissue without compromising a patient's dental health and structure.

Uneven or gapped smiles don't have to require visible braces. Dr. Sibaja offers two options to correct these dental concerns including Invisalign® Invisalign utilizes sets of clear aligners that snap on over the teeth seamlessly. The aligners cause slow shifts in the dental structure to correct gapped and/or crooked teeth. They are virtually undetectable to anyone but the wearer.

Stains, chips, cracks, and small gaps can all be addressed with veneers. Dr. Sibaja can customize your smile using one of two dental veneer options: Lumineers or Da Vinci veneers.

As a dentist, Dr. Sibaja has devoted many years of study to face shape and how it relates to a person's smile. At Encinitas Dental Boutique, cosmetic dentistry services also include those that address facial concerns that could affect a patient's smile. Examples include:
BOTOX Cosmetic: This injectable compound not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles around your smile, but also can change the shape of a round-looking face.
Juvederm: This dermal filler not only reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it also can reduce the appearance of dark triangles around the teeth that can occur due to receding gums. 

Convenient Care for Better Smiles

Encinitas Dental Boutique offers evening appointments as late as 7 p.m. to accommodate busy schedules. In addition to this service, Dr. Sibaja also offers sedation dentistry services. This includes general anesthesia performed under the supervision of an MD as well as Dr. Sibaja. Many patients choose this option for cosmetic dentistry services because they can receive several services without having to recall or be awake during the actual procedure. Other sedation dentistry options, such as conscious oral sedation, are also available. If sedation techniques are used, the patient will need a driver to ensure his or her safe return home.

A patient's smile is one of a person's most noticeable facial features. Our cosmetic dentist services in Encinitas can provide self-confidence and boost self-esteem - the results can truly be life-changing.

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.