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A healthy smile isn't just about brushing and flossing your teeth daily (although those practices certainly are important). A healthy smile comes from careful attention to not only cleaning your teeth, but also taking care of your body. That's why Dr. Carlos Sibaja and the Encinitas Dental Boutique team offer alternative dentistry services in San Diego.
Alternative dentistry involves using healthy nutritional practices that are known to keep the teeth and gums strong. As an added bonus, what keeps the teeth strong and healthy also keeps your overall body at its best.

Nutritional Counseling and Standard Process Supplements

In dental school and continuing into his dental practice, Dr. Sibaja studied all aspects of the teeth and how disease and decay could affect the teeth and gums. At the time, one of the beliefs was that once the jawbone responsible for where the teeth are anchored receded, it could not be regrown. However, with proper nutrition and specific supplements, we have learned that the jawbone can become stronger even after it has begun deteriorating.  

To address bone deterioration and other dental health concerns, Dr. Sibaja offers nutritional counseling and Standard Process supplements at his office. These supplements are specifically designed to address the specific dental needs of his alternative dentistry patients in Encinitas. Standard Process is known for its high-quality supplements that support bone and tissue growth for healthier teeth. Standard Process has conducted research studies regarding the benefits of its special formulations aimed at bettering dental health. Over the course of three months, test subjects experienced less bone loss while taking the supplements.
In addition to supplementation, Dr. Sibaja advises his patients on easy, but important, nutritional steps a person can take to maintain a healthy smile.

Metal-Free Dentistry

In further support of healthy dental practices, Encinitas Dental Boutique is a metal-free dentistry practice. This means Dr. Sibaja does not use metals as restoratives in the mouth. Metals, such as amalgam, aren't used for fillings, crowns, or other dental restorations.
Traditionally, metal fillings contained a small amount of mercury. This raised concerns the mercury could potentially leak into the tissues and cause adverse effects in the body. While the American Dental Association's position is that metal materials are not dangerous for use, Dr. Sibaja chooses not to use these materials. Additionally, metal fillings are often less cosmetically pleasing and are subject to expanding and contracting in hot and cold temperatures, which can weaken the teeth causing the fillings to fall out or crumble later
Caring For You
Offering alternative dentistry in San Diego means patients are not only taken care of when it comes to their teeth and gums, but that they also address how their overall health impacts each part of the body - including their mouth. Through a healthy diet, supplementation, and careful attention to dental care, Dr. Sibaja's patients receive the best dental care available. If you would like to learn more about these principles or Standard Process supplements, come by our Encinitas office or give us a call today.

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.